HDI helps health plans, ACOs and provider organizations, and other entities integrate and manage data to support a wide variety of uses including reporting, quality measurement, care management, population health management, predictive/actuarial modeling, and other needs. We specialize in the acquisition, cleansing, and transformation of all types of health data including claims, Rx, eligibility, lab, biometric, wellness, medical management, practice management and EMR data, among others. Data from disparate sources are mapped, standardized, cleansed, and delivered according to client-specific requirements and in a client-specified format. Our capabilities include:

Inbound Data Standardization and Transformation

HDI helps clients acquire and integrate data from external sources into their data warehouse environment. Clients benefit from receiving data from multiple sources in a single, customized, easily consumable format that conforms to their data warehouse requirements.

Inbound Services

Claims data integration into the Epic Caboodle data warehouse

Working with Epic, we have developed a process to transform payer claims feeds into Epic’s Community Specification format for loading into Caboodle. The Community Specification data is used in Healthy Planet and the Cost and Utilization Dashboard.

Epic Services

Outbound Data Extract Creation

Supporting requests from vendors, consultants, and internal applications can be cumbersome and time consuming, particularly when a very specific layout is required. HDI can serve as the conduit for these requests, using our client's standard extract as a starting point, and transforming and formatting the data to meet the content and layout requirements of each request.

Outbound Services

Data Conversions

System conversions, rollout of new tools, and data warehouse changes can all drive the need for one-time projects to move data from one environment to another. HDI can support a health plans data conversion needs. In the process, data can be cleaned up, augmented, or aggregated to create a better, more efficient data set.

Data Model Development

Not all of our clients have a data model robust enough to handle all of the types of data they want to access. HDI is happy to share our comprehensive, best of breed health care data model with our clients. We can also review and assess the suitability of an existing data model or data warehouse structure.

Member/Patient/Provider Matching and Data Augmentation

CMS and commercial carriers use identifiers that may not be meaningful outside their own organizations. HDI can match vendor-supplied data to our client's own master member, patient, or provider files and append a client-specific identifier onto each claim. Sometimes clients want to augment either their internal data or externally-supplied data with information, for example, adding NPI numbers to a provider file or geocoding to a claims or eligibility file. HDI can identify reference data sets and appended the new information during the data transformation process. Services can be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis.