About Health Data Innovations

Health Data Innovations specializes in the acquisition, cleansing, standardization, and integration of all types of health data. We provide data management services to health plans and other payers, health systems and accountable care organizations, consulting and data analytics firms, claims system vendors, and other organizations that require data from external sources to drive their operations. From ongoing data integration needs to one-time data conversion projects, engaging with HDI allows our clients to spend more time working with the data and less time on data management issues.

At HDI, we understand the vagaries of health care data and have built our own robust, yet flexible data model to support our client work. We touch thousands of data files each month, which gives us a detailed understanding of what is available, how it can be used, and the strengths and weaknesses of different types of data from many different sources. Our clients benefit not only from our detailed knowledge of the current data landscape, but also from the “early warning” we provide when that landscape changes.

For ongoing data integration projects, our standard approach is to build and maintain maps from data source vendors into the HDI data model and then create client-specific extracts from the HDI model. For each data source/layout, we create programs that map the source data into the HDI data model and then transform it to meet the target value and layout requirements of our clients’ data warehouses or applications. We have data maps for most of the common data sources such as commercial health plans, Medicare, pharmacy benefit managers, laboratories, health and wellness vendors, survey and health risk assessment companies, and medical management providers. In addition to extracts in vendor-native formats, we regularly work with HL-7 and 5010 transaction sets. Our extensive health care domain knowledge allows us to quickly and efficiently translate, map, and extract previously unknown data types, sources, or layouts.

HDI is located in Beachwood, Ohio, near Cleveland. All services are provided by a US-based staff that focuses solely on the US healthcare market.